Magnetic Filters Explained

magentic filter

We recommend all of our customers have a magnetic filter installed with their install, why?

Magnetic filters attract the sludge and dirt from your system:

  • making it cleaner for longer
  • ensuring efficiency
  • prolonging the life of the system

We power flush and clean every system when we undertake an install, and it’s we can easily install the filter when we complete the boiler change in most cases where space allows.

We don’t change any additional to install the filters, just the price we pay for the kit passed on directly, we do this because not only does it benefit our customers, but it gives us added confidence in the system.

Can I get a filter installed?

If you qualify for a replacement boiler grant we will always try and install a magnetic filter, check if you qualify below:


or give us a ring on 0208 406 7038

How do Magnetic filters work?

Here’s a useful video from Magnaclean manufacturer Adey: