Why you should get your boilers serviced Croydon!

Boiler in Croydon in need of servicing

(Definitely not one of ours!!)

Many customers we get called to in Croydon with boiler problems haven’t had their system serviced for years, the fault may not be directly related to that but here’s a few reasons why it is a good idea to get your Boiler serviced annually:

  • It could actually save you money! It’s true, when servicing a system we’ll add inhibitor which delays the build up of sludge in your system and means your system runs more efficiently, which means more heat for less money…


  • It will maintain your warranty; most of our new boilers have manufacturers warranties between 7-10 years. You may not know this, but to maintain this you will need to have your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, don’t get caught out, we can help you out with this for as little as £60…


  • Just because the system is working, doesn’t mean it’s safe... Part of the service is to check the boiler is burning correctly and not producing any of those harmful carbon monoxide gases (the silent killer) and also that the fail safe devices work, so that in the event something does actually go wrong the boiler will cut out based on the safety devices it has, obviously the newer boilers have better fail-safe devices…


  • Your system will last for longer if it’s looked after. If you work out the cost of a boiler annually over it’s lifetime, every extra year you can get out of it is a big saving, and if installed and looked after correctly your boiler will look after you. Cleaning the heat exchanger and condense traps, adding inhibitor and checking for wear and tear before it becomes a big issue will all help your boiler to stay healthy for longer!


  • We’ll detect problems before they become bigger issues, such as a leak which over the years could rust the casing of the boiler and mean it has to be replaced


Boiler Serviced in South Croydon

(That’s more like it, one of our recent installs in South Croydon)

So what happens as part of the Boiler service?

  • We will check the exhaust from your boiler with a flue gas analyser to ensure it is burning safely within the required guidelines
  • We will ensure that the fail-safe devices within the boiler are working, such as automatic cut out of the boiler when the flame goes out.
  • We’ll remove the casing and visually inspect the appliance for signs of wear and tear
  • As necessary we’ll give it a good clean inside and ensure the heat exchanger and electrodes are cleaned
  • We’ll sign you log book (important if you have a current manufacturers warranty)
  • We’ll add inhibitor to your heating system to help delay the build up of sludge and protect your boiler.
  • If you have a magnetic filter we’ll also clean this as part of the service.

That’s a lot really considering our prices start from only £60 (and a cup of tea if one’s on offer)

If you’re interested let us know and we’ll book you in with one of our friendly engineers, we’re a family run business based in Croydon so know the area well!



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