Combi Boiler Problems

combi boiler problems - viessmannGas Combi Boilers are the most common type of boiler in the UK.

If you have Combi Boiler Problems, you could qualify for a free A Rated replacement boiler under the Government’s ECO scheme like the Viessmann Vitodens on the left.

So, what are the Combi boiler problems

Here are our top 8 combi boiler problems, in no particular order, although there are many things that could go wrong with an older boiler.

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1. Faulty or blocked pressure relief valve

This may cause constant dripping from the copper pipe leading to the external wall.

2. Pump failure

If this packs up, it would leave you with no heating or hot water. Caused by sludge in the system, or old age.

3. Faulty automatic air vent

Dripping or build-up of scale at the vent that releases air from boiler to outside. Should be spotted during a service.

4. Limescale build-up in central heating pipes

This is most common in hard-water areas. It can lead to blockages and cause fluctuation in temperature of hot water taps.

5. Faulty diverter valve

The system may get ‘stuck’ on hot water or central heating.

6. Sludge in system

Radiators are hot at the top with cold spots at the bottom.

7. Low hot water flow rate or temperature

Older Combi’s may lose water pressure and not be able to heat the water efficiently on demand

8. Corrosion

One of the common Combi boiler problems on the older models. We find that casing or internal parts has been affected by leakage and in most cases means the whole unit needs replacing.

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