Kuco are starting the hashtag #Boilers4Croydon to help promote replacing old inefficient and broken boilers with new A rated Condensing Boilers. The Energy Savings Trust indicates this can save households £100’s a year off their heating bills and reduces Gas consumption and pollution, a win win,

In support of this we will post a series of case studies, our first is a recent installation in Mitcham…

The original floor standing boiler in Mitcham<= This is the original boiler:

At less than 70% efficient this boiler was costing the homeowners a lot in order to provide heating and hot water for her 3 bedroom household. The fact this boiler no longer has parts available and the seals and casing were badly deteriorating Mrs L decided it was time to change the boiler, fortunately she was able to qualify for a grant from the government’s ECO scheme, as she was in receipt of State Pension Credit (an additional top up to the basic pension).

Having specified the job Kuco had agreed to install a new Baxo Potterton ECOBlue boiler into a cupboard above where the old floorstanding boiler was located. At the same time the heating system at the property needed updating with new pumps, thermostats on the cylinder and a new programmer to bring it up to current standards, all this alongside a new magnetic filter which would remove the debris and dirt form the system, promoting the longevity of the boiler itself, which came with a 7 year parts and labour warranty.

Most of the job was funded via the government grant scheme, but a top up contribution was required of around £200, a no brainer for anyone who needs to update their boiler and system, as this money could be saved off the heating bills in the first year alone.

Once we had started work on the job however, we opened up the chimney stack to reveal a flue liner which potentially contained Asbestos. Whilst it meant a rethink of where to locate the boiler, as the flue couldn’t go through this space, the Asbestos was undamaged which meant it wasn’t harmful in it’s current state, so the stack was sealed back up and the customer advised of it’s presence.

So the job was a late finish but we were determined to finish in a day and get the customer back up and running with hot water and heating, so here’s the finished product…

New Boiler in Mitcham, Croydon

We succeeded in getting Mrs L back up and running and she was delighted with the finished job.

If you would like to find out more about the grants available, please give us a call on 0208 406 7038 or email info@kucoltd.co.uk


Chris, Hazel and the Kuco Team.